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It is stressful to make informed decisions about your finances and lifestyle choices after you’ve just started working, whether you’re fresh from high school or tertiary. It needs a lot of strategies as you are excited about your growth and developing your credit score, even buying your first car or renting your first apartment. It doesn’t matter which one you start with, we all have different preferences.

Lets start here: The majority of young people are unaware that your assets will be determined by any financial decision you make today, including buying your first house or car. Prior to purchase, such assets require careful consideration. Your credit score is heavily influenced by your credit cards and retail accounts. As avoiding them might potentially damage your credit score, it is wise to have and maintain them. It’s good to establish a strong credit history when you’re younger. Furthermore, it is not wise to have a store account but not use it.

Few tips for building your credit score; You may decide to use a prepaid or secured credit card, which you top off with cash from your own pocket while establishing credit. Never miss a payment, live within your means, and don’t open any more accounts than you can manage.

Your credit score is typically rated by credit bureaus between 300 and 850:

  • Between 300 and 579 is often seen as a low score.
  • A decent score ranges from 580 to 669.
  • Anything over 700 is considered a good score.

Your chances of getting a loan application approved and receiving a preferred interest rate increase with your credit score because a higher score indicates that your credit is in better shape.

Early savings and insurance ownership demonstrate responsibility and independence, and purchasing a funeral policy relieves some of the financial burdens off your family in times of need. You’ll benefit from reduced premiums and get more value from free funeral benefits and special bonuses if you purchase funeral coverage when you’re young.



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