Cover for your whole family. Insure yourself, family, parents, in-laws, grandparents, and extended family members. Get funeral cover without having to take a medical test. We pay within 24 hours of receiving all required documentation for a valid claim.

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1.Is it possible to change my beneficiary?

Yes, it is possible. However, before we Amend your policy you are required to fill in an Amendment form. We can fill it on your behalf over the phone and since our calls are recorded, it will also serve as proof that you consented to the Amendment. If you prefer to fill it in manually, we can send it you the form via WhatsApp or Email.

2.Can I make arrangements to pay missed monthly premium?

We will send you your PayAt reference number which you may use to make a payment at any PEP stores, or we can send you our bank account details which you can use to make a direct bank deposit or an EFT payment.

Kindly note that proof of payment is required for us to receipt you.

3.How long are the Waiting Periods?

Our Waiting Periods are 6 months for natural death, 12 months suicidal death & no waiting period for accidental death provided you have paid your first premium. Kindly note that you are not to miss a premium whilst you are on your Waiting Period as it may affect your ability to claim

4.Is it possible to change my payment method?

Yes, it is possible. We have a variety of payment methods which range from EFT payments, Direct Bank Deposits, PayAt & Debit orders.

5.Can I pay for my policy a few months upfront?

Yes, you are permitted to. However, this does not mean you will override serving all your waiting periods. You will still be required to serve & complete  both your 6 & 12 months waiting period before you are eligible to make a claim.

6.Is it possible to remove and replace someone on my policy, even if they are not deceased?

Yes, kindly note that the waiting period of the dependent added after your initial submission of your Application Form will not be the same as the Main Member and the other dependants.

7.What benefits do I receive when I claim?

There is a free R400 electricity & R400 airtime benefit that applies when claiming for the main member and dependants over 14 years (on 1+4 and 1+6)

8.What is the age limit?

We cover individuals up to the age of 75 years and children up until the age of 21 years and 25 years if they are still studying.

9.Can non-South African nationals be covered?

Yes, they can provided that they have a valid passport document and are living in South Africa.

10.My policy has lapsed, and I want to reinstate it. What is the next step I can take to activate my policy?

To reinstate your policy, you need to fill up an amendment form if you would like to make any changes on your Policy. You may simply give us a call or send us a WhatsApp message with your request, and we will advise once your request has been actioned. You will then receive an updated Policy Document within 31 days of reinstating.

A new waiting period will be served.

11.What is your age limit?

Our Age limit at inception stage is 75 years.

12.Does Digni have cashback?

No, we do not have cashback.

13.How do I get my policy documents?

You can get them via Email, WhatsApp, via PostNet or by visiting your nearest branch.

14.What are your contact details?

You can reach us via email on, via our WhatsApp line 0834411016 or you can call us on 0118752200

15.When does my policy lapse?

Your policy will lapse after 2 unpaid premiums. If your Policy has lapsed, you will be required to start your Waiting period from scratch.

16.Is there a joining fee?

There is no joining fee required. Simply pay your first premium to activate your Policy.

17.Does Digni offer any Value-Added Benefits?

We offer Accidental and Memorial Benefits.

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